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About Us

Our Mission

At Campbell & Associates, our mission is to strive to ensure our customers' needs are met by providing comprehensive solutions for their electrical, transmission, and distribution requirements. We are committed to delivering reliable, efficient, and cost-effective services, tailored to the unique needs of each client. By leveraging our expertise, innovative technologies, and industry best practices, we aim to exceed customer expectations, contribute to their success, and build long-lasting partnerships. Through our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction, we aspire to be the trusted provider of choice in the electrical, transmission, and distribution sectors.

Our History

After 30 plus years in the electrical industry Gene Campbell saw the need to open his own company. In 2005 Gene Campbell founded Campbell & Associates LLC. to fill the need for a Hitachi Energy representative in the South. Since then, the company has focused on providing innovative products and services to our consumers. Campbell and Associates has now been in business for almost two decades and plans to continue providing out of the box solutions for our customer for many more years to come.

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