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Gene Campbell


Gene Campbell P.E. – BSEE – EE , 1969 Texas Tech University.  18 hours toward MBA at University of Houston.


Owner of Campbell & Associates, for 18 years, Registered P.E. State of Texas .  ABB and predecessor companies (I-T-E, Gould, Brown Boveri Electric) for 30 years in the ABB Power Products and Services businesses.  Former Atlanta District Sales Manager BBS Electric – former Marketing Manager for Medium Voitage Switchgear and Packaging Group for ABB, Restarted Switchgear/E-House Packaging Group for ABB in Houston in 1992 after ABB exited from the market in 1988 when they moved the MV Switchgear manufacturing from Tulsa, OK to Lake Mary, FL in 1988.  30 yearhistory with ABB as Marketing Manager , District Sales Manager, and Account Manager for major industrial accounts in Houston and Atlanta.  Managed Campbell & Associates, for ABB/Hitachi Energy for Texas Gulf Coast Contractor and Industrial markets.  Manufacturers’ rep for Custom Design and Document Services, LLC and for International Technical Marketing, LLC.

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